Black Thunder Offshore Technology’s Quantum Advanced Membrane Transducers

“QT for Boating, Sailing and Yachting

The Wizard, prize-worthy antenna magic

How about a 5” square “multi-band bisynchronous simultaneous reception and transmission” antenna that doesn’t need to be mast-mounted and can handle frequencies from AM and shortwave through FM and VHF and up into cellular, GPS, sat phones, and WiFi…three radios at once?!? That’s actually just the beginning of what is possible with “Quantum Transducers.”

                      On land, sea, air or in space itself, the problems associated with receiving and transmitting different wireless frequencies are challenging to say the least.  Radio equipment requires conventional antennas of a particular length and ratio, dedicated to a distinct and unique piece of the frequency spectrum at both the transmitting and receiving end. Without matching antennas, it is not possible to effectively reconcile these signals intelligently.  An entirely new multi-billion dollar enterprise has been created in order to accomplish “interoperability” between equipment from dissimilar manufacturers, whereby each is sending and receiving discrete RF frequencies.

Black Thunder Offshore Technology’s QT Wizard Antenna with Pixel Layer Concept Overlay

However, unlike conventional antennas, QT is not limited to a particular piece of radio spectrum, nor does it require a “fixed” antenna length in order to operate.  The patented QT uses RF “pixels” to efficiently manage diverse frequency bands.  Moreover, QT pixels are “energized” by electromagnetics and makes use of the principals of fractals and RF “holographics.”  This is a new application of science discovered, whereby the intelligence of an RF frequency has been established to exist no matter how small the wave is broken down.

The combination of RF Pixels, magnetics, quantum physics and fractal systems on the QT allow wireless operations in harsh, challenging or near impossible environments.

This includes, but is not limited to areas where multipath interference is severe, such as: office buildings, high-rise hotels or condominiums, elevators, parking garages, tunnels, harbors, metal ships, automobiles, tanks, aircraft or the helm stations and engine rooms of vessels.  QT antennas are also not as susceptible to electronic interference caused by other electronic equipment, including security cameras, walkie-talkies, side-band radar, sonar and fish finders.

Communication at sea is of particular concern. The requirement for diverse wireless solutions has increased as the complexity of radio interoperability has increased. On the water, where life and death hang in the balance, the need for accurate and consistent telecommunications is essential.

Whether on small pleasure craft, composite racing sailboats, multi-million dollar yachts, larger cruise ships or container vessels, telecommunication solutions and creating wireless operating HOT ZONES are where QT products really distinguish themselves.

On Sailing Craft, the QT can be mounted in the sails, at the top of the mast, at the helm station, even in the composite hull, providing wireless connectivity for remote control of ship systems, including LED lights to illuminate the sails for night operations;  control of bow thrusters without wires, or security web-cams in addition to VHF radio, phone and internet services.

QT Addressing a Defined Need

After being awarded the most innovative electronics technology for the Boating and Marine industry the Company is raising consumer awareness for the “Wizard” antenna through specialized media events, documentaries and VIP previews.  The current focus is how the QT can transform the marine industry, especially entertainment and digital media for VIP’s and that the work accomplished in the upper-most top of the market is helping those in Haiti and other nations receive new basic communications never before available.

This project is an extension of MODDHA’s current documentary; and will be geared toward the future of integrated telecommunications which provide additional capabilities, interoperability, and “linking” to all kinds of different mobile devices providing more functional interdependency.

One of the major thrusts is that these QT products can eliminate existing protruding whip style antennas and can provide wireless capabilities often unavailable.  Just the elimination of the whip antenna and providing additional wireless phone, TV or internet services is especially important for the casual boater and the luxury yacht as well as general sailing markets.  QT provides simple, error free operation especially on all metal ships or vessels operating in difficult and harsh environments.  The QT can provide wireless capabilities today that are currently not met with other existing marine radio antennas or telecom systems.  The QT also offers a bright future path for new products including QT based planar radar, sonar and automated control systems.

QT’s Simple Value Proposition:

The value proposition for simple, QT Wizard products is very hard to ignore: no visible antennas, and an antenna addressing expanded frequencies operating in a challenging environment.  Further, the QT offers the creation of a wireless Hot Zone and the elimination of wires for the control of automatic ship processes, especially where wiring through the hull can be reduced or done away with.

Coupled with this powerful value proposition are the features and benefits that the QT products will build upon that value foundation: the promise of future QT products For sailing or motor cruising, QT can make a safer and more enjoyable experience providing wireless capabilities that have not been possible before.  QT can be imbedded directly into the sail and can be made with Kevlar or Kapton, both currently used in competitive sail making.  QT can even be printed on fabrics using conductive and magnetic inks. QT can remotely activate LED, making the sails glow for safe and “dramatic” night-time experience while underway. It is compatible with and can make use of the conductivity of the new carbon fibers in sails.

QT discussed with yacht maker Lazzarr and Black Thunder Offshore Yachts making smart staterooms where the carpet of the entire of the vessel forms an active and dynamic QT Array.

A Black Thunder Offshore Technology QT Wizard  Antenna located at the helm station on a 75 Foot Lazzara Yacht was able to create a wireless HOTZONE more than 1 Mile in diameter

QT eliminates the typical small motor craft whip antenna “farms” and radar arches.   Conventional antennas raise the operating height of the vessel, are susceptible to breakage during wash-downs or from sun and weather exposure; and they are aesthetically displeasing.

QT for Yachts and Larger Ships

At the other end of the spectrum from the pleasure craft, sailing or racing boats are yachts, mega-yachts and larger vessels, including cruise ships.  These are floating metal “cities” that can utilize QT to create entire “HOT ZONE” wireless platforms.

One of the key foundational benefits of the QT Wizard is the ability to penetrate high multi-path interference areas and metal reinforced buildings or ships.

The Airline Industry and  the Cruise Line industry have significant problems in terms of weight, fuel costs, labor and maintenance.  One of these cost is laying, carrying and maintaining its wires.

These wires must be in perfect condition for use every single day.  Wires for control and monitoring the ship’s operations, wires for communication, wires for entertainment, wires for emergency systems, wires for speakers, music, information, safety commands, wires for TVs,  wires for electronic door locks, wires for security alarms,  wires for security cameras, wires to control the heating and air conditioning in each cabin, wires for cabin lighting and general illumination.  There are literally hundreds of miles of wires running fore and aft and criss-crossing the smallest and grandest ships from port to starboard.

Just as in the smallest of pleasure craft, wires are all subject to corr osion, breakage, short circuits, chaffing, and cutting.  The electrical schematic wiring diagrams are voluminous, comprising enough information to fill a small library. All of these important documents must be kept safe and catalogued by ship’s engineering staff and available at a moment’s notice.

QT is the beginning of a wireless revolution in the marine industry.  That is because a single platform antenna can address a broad-band of frequencies and the QT can receive and transmit radio control information in a ship’s challenging, all reinforced, metal environment.

While QT may initially be used to establish a WiFi or WiMax hub for wireless internet, the potential for wireless Radio Control and process automation for on-board ship systems can quickly follow.

Black Thunder Offshore Technology as a Mesh Network or Peer to Peer Platform

Ultimately a Black Thunder Offshore Technology QT enabled WiFi or WiMAX can be envisioned as a mesh network where each node/access points can communicate with each other in order to extend the range of WiMAX and, therefore, allow robust communication, as there are multiple routes a signal can take.  QT does not require conventional tower structures and often can eliminate them.

How QT Could Transform a Yacht or Cruise Ship

From a yacht or on a Cruise ship, for example, each state-room could be equipped with Black Thunder Offshore Technology’s Wizard Antennas that enable interactive Television and allow on ship communication via wireless phones or portable  tablets. Additional QT antennas transmit WiMax and/or WiFi through the entire vessel.

Each stateroom, even the crew’s quarters becomes “intelligent” via QT Radio control. Items, cargo, even luggage can be tracked and located. Your entry or exit is wireless. Ship staff Senior officers no longer have to guess where the crew are; they know, because they are tracked in real-time.  With QT, the Captain can direct crew to specific locations, especially during emergencies and communicate orders and requirements and get immediate feedback interactively.

With QT, Doctor’s can visit a patient “virtually” in their room or wherever medical attention may be required.  If needed, Medical staff can be dispatched and the infirmary can be alerted and know what to expect.  The Ship’s captain, security, or engineering staff can remotely view any part of the ship and cross correlate with monitoring sensors. The entire cruise experience is improved while making it safer, smarter and better yet, ultimately less expensive.  All of the positive issues translate into greater perceived value.

Simple things, like guests are no longer interrupted by maid service. With QT, Lights and HAVAC can be turned-on and off automatically.  Smart room keys, wrist bands or up-sale, logo jewelry let loved ones know where family members are and allow ship security to keep track of every passenger at all times, even during on-shore excursions.  Room service is interactive where you can see the food and make your selection; and it can be delivered anywhere on the ship and the wait staff know exactly where you are.

High Definition delivery of positive media is delivered on demand to any stateroom or to your portable device.  Guests can view blue-ray quality streaming first run movie releases; or better yet, they can see what’s going on in any area of the ship. From bingo in the lounge, to table-side casino action, guests are able to take it all anywhere on the ship, even at pool side or in the sky bar.

The same high quality video system enables a preview of any shore excursion offered and allows for easy secured purchase. An interactive wireless channel can be set up for questions of the ship’s crew or staff 24/7.   Contact any guest, anywhere on the ship. Take and post pictures, make duty free purchases, everything is possible, anywhere on the ship.  Wireless internet and telecommunications services are available anywhere on-board.  And with your enabled “Cruise Phone” or interactive tablet you can communicate and even take pictures and video on your shore excursions via the device’s internal web-cam.

Make appointments at the spa, make reservations for a romantic candlelit dinner,  make arrangements for a birthday or wedding celebration, see how crowded the hot tubs or pools are, find out if the Disco is hopping, or when dinner is ready.  And when you go home, you take your “cruise phone” or tablet with you and you can create your own QT Hot Zone experience.

In Conclusion

Because of Black Thunder Offshore Technology QT’s patented Pixel system, the QT’s are capable of transmitting in both analog and digital formats, and can transmit both, serially and in parallel.  Conventional Antennas are serial devices, incapable of supporting parallel streams of intelligence, data or even power.  Conventional antennas are susceptible to interference and essentially operate in an “analog” mode, even when transmitting digital information serially.

Black Thunder Offshore Technology QT’s are able to work within today’s WiFI and WiMAX standards, protocols and formats, however, RF Radio Engineers and RF Network Designers can quickly grasp the implementation possibilities and the order of magnitudes of greater band-width and speeds possible using a system of independently addressable RF Pixels and Pixel enabled QT Antennas.  QT is poised to transform a new age of telecommunications.

The Company has fielded its QT for the Military for more than a decade and is currently teaming with Defense companies to optimize the QT operations for new opportunities in Military, Government and Homeland Security applications.  QT Wizard was awarded the IBEX trophy for the most innovative new product in the area of Marine Electronics. For 2017 Black Thunder Offshore technologies will market / distribute the Marine Wizard Antennas for sale in boating retail, wholesale and marine representative network channels.

The Wizard QT was shown and demonstrated with great success at the Marine Equipment Trade Show “METS” 17-18-19 November 2009 by well known Olympic sailor Capt. Stellan Gross.